Wix SEO Review 2020

For many new business owners, building a website and arranging web hosting isn’t in the cards.

Many people end up selecting free website platforms, like Wix.

They inevitably force a website to accept compromises, but is SEO one of them?

The focus here is a WIX Review to find out if it is search engine friendly.

Wix is a top player in the free market (or budget site builder market, depending on if you choose to upgrade).

WIX can save entrepreneurs just starting out money. However, if those savings are detrimental to search and organic traffic, what is the point?

Back in 2016, Wix was considered a complete no-go for those who wanted search engine exposure. Today, things are improving for Wix’s search engine potential. More and more website owners are taking notice.

Wix has most certainly made improvements.

Likely realizing how imperative it is to create one of the best website builders for SEO if they want to rank.

WiX Review: “The Before Picture”

Before we can go forward, we need to take a look back at some of the Wix SEO problems in the past.

Here are a few of the old Wix SEO issues:

  1. Poor URL structure
  2. No image descriptions
  3. Many pages on Wix hosted websites were not able to be fully crawled by Google bots
  4. Problems with lightbox URL’s

Is WiX Bad For SEO?

Maybe you have heard that Google is not crawling Wix sites?

The inability for Google to scan your website and all of its connected pages is nothing short of search engine death. A site that doesn’t get scanned by Google bots has no chance of surviving in search engines.

The original issue was a result of Wix using AJAX and Javascript coding to create new web pages. So each time you, the site manager, created a new webpage on your site, this code function was used. Google was initially (or seemingly) have technical issues scanning for these pages. Therefore, Wix sites were ranking in Google’s cellar.

This issue has been resolved as evidenced by a great many Wix sites starting to find more glory in Google’s upper-rankings. Why has been fixed isn’t entirely clear, however.

There are two likely scenarios at play:

  • Wix upgraded their AJAX code
  • Wix now more intelligently utilizes HTML code in the header

Both of these changes would likely render much better SEO results for Wix site owners.

Url Structure of WIX Websites:

If your URLs are poorly constructed, they can be inefficient for crawling and confusing to users.

As a side note, overly long URL structures have also been known to confuse Google and users. Adding on to the reasons site owners should truncate to only the pertinent URL directory information.

Wix used to offer up longer, less efficient URL structures. For example, yoursite.com/contact/abcd/

Wix made changes and is displaying merely the title.

Like This: yoursite.com/contact

For example, if you are running a top digital marketing blog, you want a clear structure that contains essential information.



However, the buck certainly did not stop here for improvements by Wix.

What else?

Lightbox Issue – Resolved?

Last year, Wix issued a statement regarding the use of Lightbox URLs. This has offered some clarity regarding the situation as well as a method to render the URL dilemma a non-issue.

Here’s how the issue invariably exposed itself:

As you can see in the above URL, there are no keywords to help Google interpret what the image or content is about.

They depend on URL strings and file names as a factor to provide information about the image.

Wix has clarified this is only an issue for those sites that have their images, which are embedded in a gallery, also deployed as a pop-up.

Currently, this is merely an expanded image issue, not an on-page issue.

You can change this entirely by editing preferences in your settings.

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