iPage 2019 Shared Hosting Review


What I really like about iPage is that they are 100% honest; if you really don’t enjoy your experience, their money-back guarantee is actually guaranteed; no hassle and no questions. I don’t think you’ll ever need to ask for this, because like I’ve said before, their hosting is astounding considering the price.


When customers land on a website, they want to be presented with information about the products and services available. In fact, 86% of visitors want this from their web journey, and that’s something (in my experience) iPage definitely offers.

Control Panel:

After purchasing iPage’s web hosting, I logged into my account which took me to their control panel. I was pleasantly surprised with the control panel and ‘behind the scenes’ of iPage. I could find everything and navigate my way through the backend of iPage easily (nope, I didn’t need any assistance)!

If I wanted to install a CMS like WordPress, it was installed with the click of a button and easily found via the search function on the customized control panel. Although iPage’s control panel is clean and slick, I found the search functionality really useful. I know that seems like a really small feature to pick up on, but it’s features like this that make or break a web journey for me.

iPage’s control panel is very intuitive, which is something I like to see, as beginners can often get lost and dumbfounded when trying to use a web hosting control panel. The control panel is available on all plans, so you won’t have to pay through the roof to get a good user experience.

Site Statistics:

Site owners will have access to their websites’ user and visitor statistics at a simple glance, including site traffic and reporting tools. There are two options to choose from; Webalizer and AWStats. These tools are great if you’re interested in the raw data of your website, which is especially useful for eCommerce websites – all in all, we can’t fault it.



For WordPress users, if you don’t want to have to log into WordPress every time to manage every little aspect, consider making use of the control panel that’s customized for you and the options you use most with WordPress. We were highly impressed with the backend of iPage.

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Performance & Uptime

In order to test iPage’s performance and uptime, we signed up to an iPage pricing plan and created a dummy website on WordPress to obtain some real and tangible results. We monitored the uptime of our website on a minute-by-minute basis and here is what we found.


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